Warren G. Hahn, P.E.
CEO, Hahn Engineering, Inc.

Professional Registration:

  • Florida: Professional Engineer #18178 (1973)
  • Wisconsin: Professional Engineer #E-9816 (1966)
  • North Carolina: Professional Engineer #23417 (1998)
  • Georgia: Professional Engineer #025598 (1999)

Career Summary:

  • Over 44 years experience as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Manager of a 100 plus employee engineering and construction firm, Vice President of 200 plus employee contracting firm and Owner of a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm.
  • Extensive involvement in large, medium and small Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, such as the following: Chilled water, cold storage and ice storage systems, high temperature hot water systems, Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, campus type heating and cooling systems, cold storage refrigeration (low temperature) systems, high rise chill water, heat pump and split systems, laboratory air conditioning and ventilating systems, and industrial ventilation systems.
  • Instrumental in the introduction and development of Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems in Florida. Designed, engineered and installed computerized fire alarm and life safety systems for facilities with four zones to 3,000 zones. Designed and engineered building plumbing systems and fire sprinkler protection systems.
  • Provided design, engineering, analysis, construction supervision and inspection for electrical systems including power distribution, exterior and interior lighting, parking lot and roadway lighting, emergency power supply systems, security systems, clock systems, sound systems, computer network and telephone raceways systems and closed circuit (CCTV) and Master Antenna/Cable (MATV) television systems, intercom systems, lightning protection systems, and data communication and distribution systems.
  • . Expert witness, forensic engineering in mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, security, fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems in over 160 buildings and projects.


  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI - Engineering 1955-56
  • U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD - Bachelor of Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 1956-60
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison & Appleton, WI - Engineering of Heating and Air Conditioning (short courses) 1966-69; Electrical Estimating 1971; Correspondence Courses 1961-64; University Extension Electrical Engineering and Computers 1970-72
  • Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL - Business Law, Management & Accounting 1974-77
  • USAF, Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton, OH - Power Engineering 1989
  • USMC, Combat Engineer's School, Camp LeJuene, NC - Master Standard Data & Combat Engineer's Course 1960-61
  • Dale Carnegie, Effective Speaking and Human Relations 1968

Special Training:

  • Company and Professional Training: Sales management, Communications, Building Automation System Engineering, Advanced Business Management, Goal setting and performance review management, Automatic controls and Direct Digital Control Engineering
  • Computer Systems: FORTRAN, BASIC, MS and PC DOS, over 30 operating programs such as SMART, word processor, data manager and spreadsheet; MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, and WordPerfect, LOTUS, FORMTOOL, AutoCAD, WIND2 Cost Accounting System.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Systems 1991.
  • Georgia Tech Resources Institute, Supervision of Asbestos Abatement Projects 1989.

Professional Membership:

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE, Chapter President 1969-71, Life Member
  • National Society Professional Engineers, NSPE
  • Florida Engineering Society, FES, Chapter President 1980-81
  • Illumination Engineering Society, IES
  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA
  • Association Energy Engineers, AEE
  • American Institute of Plant Engineers, AIPE
  • Institute Electrical & Electronic Engineers, IEEE
  • Building Industry Consulting Service International, BICSI
  • American Society Consulting Engineers, ASCE
  • Southern Building Code Congress International, SBCCI

Professional Experience:

  • Hahn Engineering, Inc. Tampa, FL, CEO, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, 1989-Present
  • USAF, Civil Engineering Squadron, MacDill AFB, FL, Electrical Engineer, 1988-89
  • USN, Southern Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Charleston, SC, Electrical Engineer, 1987-88
  • Astron Mechanical Inc., Tampa, FL, Vice President, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, 1984-87
  • Johnson Controls, Inc., Tampa, FL, Branch Manager, 1972-84
  • Johnson Controls, Inc., Appleton, WI, Sales Engineer, 1964-72
  • USMC, Marine Corps Supply Center, Barstow, CA, Maintenance Dept., OIC Engineering, 1962-64
  • USMC, Afloat Battalion, Okinawa Home Port, Combat Engineering, 1960-62

Military Experience:

  • United States Naval Academy, 1956-60
  • United States Marine Corps, 1960-64
  • United States Marine Corps Reserves, 1964-73
  • Member, Congressman Gibbon's (Tampa, FL) Academy Selection Committee, 1977-94
  • Chairman, Congressman Gibbon's (Tampa, FL) Academy Selection Committee, 1993-94

Published Articles:

  • "Refrigeration Service Engineer" magazine article entitled Proper Use of Controls Can Make the Energy Difference. Other articles include: Is Direct Digital Control (DDC) Inevitable in Your Building: Facility Automation. Management and Control Systems (FAMACS) and DDC; and Operation and Maintenance of DDC Systems and "ASHRAE Journal" magazine article entitled Fast-Track HVAC Conversion.

Education and Training Activities:

  • Instructor Controls Systems, Direct Digital Controls and Systems Engineering for Plant Engineers, Contractors, and Consulting Engineers
  • Naval Academy Information Officer (NAIO) area coordinator for central west coast Florida Area, 1984-88
  • Blue & Gold Officer (NAIO) N.E. Wisconsin and Tampa Bay Area, 1970-Present
  • Public member ASHRAE SPECIFICATION 135 committee for Public Host Protocol of Direct Digital Control (DDC) Systems
  • Member ASHRAE TC9.1, Large Building Air Conditioning Systems, 1998-Present
  • Member ASHRAE TC1.7, Business, Management and General Legal Education, 2000-Present

Other Activities:

  • Private Pilots License - Single Engine
  • Notary Public - Wisconsin
  • Certified Mechanical Contractor - Florida
  • Mechanical Class “A” License - Hillsborough County
  • Technical Assistance Analyst - State of Florida